The hospital in the city. Intervention on a pavilion hospital: the Santissima Trinità in Cagliari

Degree Thesis

The thesis purposes a prototype of an architectural and urban intervention on the Santissima Trinità Hospital, which relates it to the city through the mix of collective, permeable spaces. It is an existing pavilion hospital, built with the function of a barrack in the beginning of the 20th century and later transformed, located in the popular district of Is Mirrionis, in Cagliari. It occupies a strategic position in the city and it has accelerated urban, economic and social periphery development but it has various spatial of organization, distribution and obsolescence problems due to the lack of forward-looking administration and with regards to a merely typological issue: the pavilions are not connected to each other and they don’t have the right flexibility for the medical activities.

1_Two big spaces inside the mat-building, a garden and a square, represent the place, missing in the district, where citizens can find refuge.
2_The glass front on the road, public and permeable, with spaces given from commercial architecture such as the hall, the canteen and the auditorium, is the connection between the hospital and the city.
3_The galleries, with views on the garden and the square, shaped by the new topography, serve as the principal meeting place and determinate the circulation, divided by patient/visitors/medical staff/ “dirty and clean” paths.