Student house in the historic centre


The theme of the laboratory faces with the architectural design in a historic district of Cagliari, Castello, that is characterized by the typical gothic lot, long and narrow.
Furthermore the site, empty from the II World War’s bombings, is located in Via Stretta, a 2 meters wide street with 5 floors buildings. We decided to re-elaborate the vernacular elements which define the typologies of Castello like the vertical development, the rhythmic articulation of the façade, ledges and pitched roofs.

The façade is divided into seven units by a concrete edge: in the first five from the left there are the student’s flats, in the last two there is a cultural centre which serves all the quarter. The flats have different sizes due to the inclinations of the back side.

The principal front is protected from the sun by a metal pierced screen that whit different cuts changes the rhytm of the facade and lets the light gets in.

Architectural and constructive project
Student house